WE WASH 4 U                           

Sparkle's signature wash and fold service (aka "fluff and fold") is designed to help you enjoy your spare time doing more of what makes you sparkle while we handle your massive pile of laundry!

Drop your laundry off and we'll separate it into darks and lights, wash and dry with loving care using only top brand products and fold and hang them beautifully on hangers we supply for free. Feel free to bring in your own favorite detergent or hangers right out of your closet if you prefer. Uhuh, it's THAT simple! And we'll even note your special preferences for the future so you don't have to tell us again! Note: we never mix your garments with other customers'.

We also offer 50% off of your 11th wash and fold order (all up to 30 lbs) to reward you for being an awesome and loyal customer!  (*See SPECIALS page for more details.)

We accept all major credit cards.

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  • STANDARD (ready within 24 hours) - $1.25/lb

  • SPEED QUEEN (ready same day; when available) - $1.75/lb

  • FREE & CLEAR WASH - hypo-allergenic detergent - add $1 per wash

  • SEPARATE WASH - when you may want certain items washed separately (like delicates, towels, sheets, athletic clothes) - add $5/wash, add $2/delicates

*Weekends are 24-48 hr turnaround


  • Comforter/Blanket/Quilt/Mattress Pad/Cover - Twin/Full - $14 / Queen/King - $18

  • Pillow - Reg - $8 / Large $10

  • Sleeping Bag - $20

  • Rug - Small $20 / Med $25 / Large $30

  • Tablecloth - $8

  • Animal Bed - Small $14 / Large $17

  • *Down items - add $5




Do you own or help run a hotel, barber shop, beauty salon, restaurant, nursing home, day care center, health spa, auto mechanic shop, cleaning company, car wash, dental or doctor's office or a business that could use some help with their laundry?! Then you've come to the right place!

We offer full service wash and fold for businesses with competitive rates! Send us an email by filling out below form and we'll be happy to get in touch with you!

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